Created by Mycologists

Small-batch cubensis spores. Small-batch spore prints of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms for all of the researchers, enthusiests, preservationists and collectors.


Quality Spores from the Source

The Spore Drop is a network of mycologists passionate about the preservation of the genetic material held within the microscopic offspring of mushrooms. Our mission is to maintain diversity and integrity within the fungal kingdom and to share our knowledge with the world. We offer small batches of spores to ensure freshness and quality of the spore prints.

Sterile Preparation

Our team of trained mycologists collect the spore prints in a sterile laboratory in front of laminar flow hood to ensure no contaminations

One Spore Print Per Cap

Our mycologists have found that by only taking 1 spore print per mushroom cap allows for a healthier spore print with more spores per petri dish

Easy Storage & Preparation

We collect our spore drops in petri dishes (60mm x 15mm), providing an easy to use product for storing spores.

First Flush Collection

By only using the first flush of mushroom caps for our spore prints reduces the number of possible contaminants the subsequent flushes are more likely harbor