Blue Meanie


Blue meanie happens to be one of those names that often causes confusion, even amongst mushroom enthusiasts. Some people use the term generally to refer to different species of active mushrooms (usually Panaeolus cyanescens) that turn blue when they are bruised. The spore drop provides spores of the Psilocybe cubensis strain known as ‘blue meanie’.

It is still unclear the origins of this strain and where it originated from. Some say it was named after the well known Beatles movie ‘yellow submarine’. Another source offers the possibility that blue meanies are a hybrid of Australian and Tasmanian strains of P. cubensis. One shroomery forum credits a cultivator with the username ‘the kreeper’ , another mentions Ralphster44 at least offering them as early as 2003. 



  • Medium to large (6-25 cm)


  • Shape-convex turning to planer with age and occasionally becoming uplifted and margin can begin to undulate with maturity (2-8 cm Diameter), occasionally an umbo is present
  • Color-toffee-brown center fading into golden honey towards the margin
  • Texture-dry mostly void of patches of scales except for small patches on the apex of the cap


  • Medium-sized (2-3.5 cm width), off-white turning to creamy latte color towards the base,  which is slightly swollen, hygrophanous and fibrous stem that easily bruises blue, tapering upward, stipe can be slightly floccose beneath annulus


  • Membranous, thin collar usually blackened by spores

Spore color:

  • Dark purple/black